Tenants can be assured that any property they enquire about is well maintained.

After an initial friendly chat over the phone or by e-mail, they can view the property they are interested in.

Tenants can expect:


Once you have selected a property and wish to proceed with your application a fee of £85.00 is payable. This is non refundable once reference checks have been completed unless, for any reason, the landlord withdraws the property.

There are no other fees to pay.

Our agreements are for seven months (unless a longer period is requested). We do not charge for renewing an agreement every six or 12 months. Renewing an agreement is not necessary. When the first 7 months of an agreement has come to an end any agreement automatically becomes a Statutory Periodic Agreement which can roll on under the same terms and conditions as the original agreement until such time you wish to leave. A tenant is obliged to give one months notice but a landlord is still obliged to give the tenant two months notice.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.